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Japanese: 誠実な人柄と丁寧な指導で予約3ヶ月待ちの人気料理講師は実は下品で淫乱なギャップ有り 167cm(高身長)Gcup(巨乳)の神プロポーションかぐや凛AVデビュー – エロ動画・アダルトビデオ

English: Rin Kaguya performing in This Popular Cooking Instructor Had A Sincere Personality, And Taught In A Delicate, Caring Style, And Was So In Demand That There Was A 3-Month Wait For Her Services, But The Shocking Truth is That She Is A Vulgar And Horny Bitch 167cm (A Tall Bitch She Is) G-Cup Titties (Such Big Tits) She’s Got The Proportions Of A Goddess Rin Kaguya Her Adult Video Debut. (ebod00860, EBOD-860).