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Japanese: KUSE-014 普段は人見知りなのに…セックスには貪欲すぎるチャイナ娘!心を開いたら死ぬほど生ハメ懇願してきたので中出し解禁!!!濃厚精子注入!綺麗に腋毛を剃り落してから15連発!! 陳美恵

English: KUSE-014 I’m Usually Shy, But … A Chinese Girl Who Is Too Greedy For Sex! When I Opened My Heart, I Begged For Raw Squirrel So Much That I Would Die, So The Ban On Vaginal Cum Shot Was Lifted! !! !! Thick Sperm Injection! After Shaving Off The Armpit Hair Cleanly, 15 Barrages! !! Mie Chen

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