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Japanese: MEKO-159 「おばさんを酔わせてどうするつもり?」若い男女で溢れ返る相席居酒屋で一人呑みしている熟女を狙い撃ちで口説いてお持ち帰り!寂しさと欲求不満が募った素人奥さんの乾いたカラダはよく濡れる!!VOL.52

English: MEKO-159 “What Are You Going To Do To Make Your Aunt Get Drunk?” Take A Shot At A Mature Woman Drinking Alone At A Izakaya Overflowing With Young Men And Women And Take It Home! The Dry Body Of An Amateur Wife Who Gets Lonely And Frustrated Gets Wet Well! ! VOL.52

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